Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Portland Clicker

Here's a new website to promote your business, events, restaurants, etc. called Portland Clicker and it's free. The people behind it say it's Portland in a nut shell:
Portland Clicker is an easy-to-use website that puts everything you want, need, or wish to know about in Portland, OR within a few clicks of the mouse (clicks... clicker... get it?!)

It's basically everything that Portland has to offer in a nutshell, except we've cracked it open for you. Whether you're a resident, visitor or tourist, we've done the heavy lifting and left it for you to do the clicking!
We added Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery and through the "Photos" I found colorist Debra Wade's Creative Interiors on the site.

There is an upgrade option for $148 lifetime, which allows you to search for keywords, use coupons to promote your business, automatically promote your business on Facebook and Twitter. Go to their website for more features.

Bev & Mike
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