Friday, July 23, 2010

Raindrops In Zen Wallpaper

As an Oregon resident, we have maybe as many names for rain as Eskimos have for snow.  That idea was reinforced when I glanced at the new email from "Contract," the magazine "at the hub of commercial interior design and architecture." There's this photo and a blurb about some new contract wallpaper designs from Bolta:

It's called showers featuring gently cascading raindrops.

The wallpaper comes in 18 colors and look at the names:

Click to enlarge

Sheets, Droplet, Drip Drop, Drizzle, Mist, Pitter, Downpour, Sprinkle, Buckets, Cascade, Thunder, Spray, Drenched, Patter, Deluge, Cats & Dogs, Torrential, and Cloudburst.

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