Saturday, July 24, 2010


It is rare that fine design is equally matched by durability. Duralee Contract has now married the two ideas with NANO-TEX + DURABLOCK = EXTREME PROTECTION. A 2-book color set, this collection blends beauty and performance with sophisticated appeal.

Brightly colored and easy to use, these fabrics combine Nano-Tex and DuraBlock technology to form a barrier that is virtually impermeable to stains. While Nano-Tex builds revolutionary spill resistance into the fibers of the fabrics, DuraBlock enhances the stain resistance with a durable liquid barrier that is laminated to the textile. Fabrics treated with Nano-Tex and DuraBlock technology meet ASTM F1670 standards for resistance to penetration by blood, ASTM F1671 standards for resistance to penetration by blood borne pathogens (virus and bacteria) and block the passage of dust mites and microscopic allergenic matter, making this versatile collection perfect for any healthcare, contract and hospitality application.

NANO-TEX + DURABLOCK = EXTREME PROTECTION offers a fresh perspective on contract design. These simple, colorful fabrics feature playful, expressive motifs with an edge, adding a touch of personality to any setting. Soft medallions, rich scrollwork and tailored chevron patterns mingle with a multitude of stripes and solids for a comprehensive offering. The Aquamarine/Leaf/Walnut color book is arranged to flow from cool tones of bright teal and variations of blue into fresh greens, culminating with an anchor of warm browns. Sangria/Plum/Gold is an ensemble of fruity tones of reds, featuring pinks and lavender, plum and berry. It graduates to spice, mango, orange and finally a hint of gold.

View and download photos of Nano-Tex + DuraBlock = Extreme Protection, please click on the link below:
Nano-Tex + DuraBlock = Extreme Protection

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