Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Writer Nate Gibson Inspired By Landfair on Furniture

As a designer for Manchester Wood, a solid wood furniture manufacturer in Granville, NY, I spend a lot of time looking at various interiors when conceptualizing and designing furniture pieces. Thinking about how designs would work with different spaces provides ideas on how to refine them and create products that fit many settings well.

I'm come across multiple interiors on Landfair on Furniture that have especially interested me with their design elements and got me thinking about the ways those design elements would work with our solid wood furniture. One of these interiors is the rammed earth, adobe-style farmhouse.

Specifically, the contrast of the adobe and brick with the wood in the interior is a very nice look – two very different types of building materials that complement each other very nicely. The stone-wood look instantly made me think of some of Manchester Wood's slate-topped tables and has given my ideas for future designs, such as new finish colors and types of slate that I think might be more complementary.

Another post that I took inspiration from was the House of 2015. The ultra-sleek and modern look of this house of the future is accented by beautiful wood flooring.

The natural wood grains combined with the modern look of the interior have given a number of ideas for future pieces for our glass-top collection. The richness of wood paired with the open feeling evoked by glass combine for a very pleasant ambiance.

Those posts are just two examples of the inspiration I have taken from the Landfair on Furniture blog, there have been others and I'm sure many more to come. Thanks for reading.
 ~Nate Gibson

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