Friday, November 11, 2011

The Buzz: Gel Beds

The buzz at High Point this year had to be over Gel beds! What the heck are Gel beds. Is that short for Jello?

Quality bedding for great sleep has been defined by sleep number beds and tempurpedic mattresses. Now add Gel beds. Intellibed describes its bed as "...made from a soft, but extremely strong and elastic solid copolymer gel formed into a series of vertical support members that begin to compress under light loads, but when the pressure on any localized area becomes uncomfortable, the support members relax allowing that localized part of the body to sink into the mattress. In this way, pressure points under the hip and shoulder areas are reduced by a remarkable 50-80%."

Makers of Gel beds include Restonic, Jamison, Paramount, Serta, Simmons, Gold Bond and many more.

Mike is interested because he complains about our pillow top mattress.  He says it feels like he's sleeping on a futon.  His hip bones hurt in the night from the mattress pushing back at him.  I'm comfortable, yet the mattress set is almost ten years old, so it may be time to investigate the new technology.

One aspect that I like is the formulation of the gel.  Gel bed manufacturers say gel provides for better temperature control.


Tehmina - Interior Design DIY said...

I haven't previously heard of gel beds but they sound similar to the water bed technology, and based on that, I don't think they'd be your back's best friend because they wont be very firm. I may be wrong though. I personally feel orthopedic mattresses protect the back most. Hope your new venture works out for you though.

Ari Z said...

Can't wait to give one a test run! Almost sounds like you'll be sleeping on a moon bounce!

carrhall said...

Gel beds are similar to water beds and these beds are not suitable for patients of backbone. No one would like to give a try to these beds.
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