Monday, July 16, 2012

M R Ducks M R! C D E D B D I's?

                   Golden Hybrid Layer Ducklings Best Egg Layers!

We have some neighbors that surprised us with these words: “We have three chickens in our backyard!” Interest in raising urban-chickens is on the rise. In fact for a small fee, you can attend chicken keeping classes in your local area.

Besides eggs, what are chickens good for? I’m told they make excellent pets, they are exciting to watch because of their individual personalities and they rid your plants and garden of slugs, bugs and even moles. There are a variety of chicken breeds from brown egg layers and white egg layers, miniature chickens and a variety of chickens that provide high quality of meat.

You can also buy ducks. Duck eggs are bigger than chicken eggs and the yolk is creamier making them excellent for baking. Ducks also make excellent pets, but are more skittish.  Usually the breeder clips the tip of one wing so they don’t fly away.

Right now, we are in need of chickens and ducks.  Something is eating our basil and I see slug trails glistening in the morning sun. Both chickens and ducks will eat worms, caterpillars and beetles and if you leave grass clippings in a pile for them, both will root

through the pile until it’s gone. One big difference, chickens scratch with their feet to get food, while ducks use their bills.  Thus, ducks are easier on plants.

Another difference, ducks require much more water.  Ducks submerge their beaks in water to clean themselves and that pool of water needs to be changed at least once a week.

Where can you find chickens and ducks for sale? One place is directly from California Hatchery.  Your baby chicks and baby ducks are shipped as soon as they hatch by USPS anywhere in the U.S. and shipping is free on a one-time purchase of 15 or more. You can also choose the sex of your birds and there is most every breed and rarity available.

Now I’ve got to see a man about some slugs!
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