Saturday, July 28, 2012

Power From A Footstep

We are continually amazed by the innovation occurring in green energy.  Whether companies can earn a profit will be determined, but it is fascinating, none the less.

The latest to confound is a company named Pavegen.  They have found a way to harvest energy from footsteps in high traffic areas.  A small percent (.5%) goes to lighting a pad on the floor when depressed and the rest goes into a storage battery to power lighting or other needs.
The tiles are set to make their largest commercial debut in September inside the Westfield Stratford City shopping center in London. The shopping center is estimated to have 30 million visitors in its first year.
The innovation seems to be spurred by our desire to practice sustainability, the peak oil theory and high energy prices. Maybe we can find someone to harvest the energy of sitting in front of a TV or walking to the bathroom during commercial breaks or even from putting the seat down in homes where males live.
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