Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Opening A New Restaurant?

 OX – Clams.
Photo ©Dina Vaila Photography

We love to dine out and my wife, Beverly, is usually up on the latest restaurants.  I don’t know how she finds them. It could be by word of mouth, from the newspaper or on the web, but she learns about them.  In fact, she recently told me that residents of Portland have more restaurants to choose from than residents of New York.  I find that hard to believe.

I Googled “New Restaurants Portland, Oregon” and I’m amazed how many open each year. I often think that owning a restaurant must be a good business, if you can turn the tables several times a night. My wife thinks owning a restaurant would be grueling; long hours, late nights, all the prep, and then cleanup after the customers are gone.

I discovered one company, PeachSuite Hotel Supply, which offers a comprehensive array of hotel supplies and restaurant supplies. This hotel amenities supplier offers all you need for dining room supplies; china, flatware, and glassware for example. It has a catalog for the bar, kitchen, janitorial supplies, and furniture that you would need if you were to join the movement and open your dream restaurant.

If you do open that restaurant make sure the staff know what to do and make sure the food is excellent. Then call Beverly.
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