Sunday, November 18, 2012

We Will Do Anything For Our Pets

A recent experience with our dog, Ralph, reinforced this conclusion. Three separate trips to the vet for Ralph who couldn't move.  He just laid on the floor and hours later, hadn't moved.  I thought we would have to put him down. Finally, after $300 per visit, the doctor found some meds that had him up a frolicking again and greeting Mike at the back door.

Then there's South Korean designer Seungji Mun who has designed pet-friendly furniture.  First we have the Cat Tunnel Sofa.“For humans, the cat tunnel sofa is just a comfortable sofa, but for the cats, it is their playground and a comfortable bed.”

Then Seungji Mun designed the Dog House Sofa. He hopes his creation "...will raise awareness about the issue of abandoned dogs."

We all know that we treat our pets like kids. In Ralph's case he's now 70 in dog years. No kid, he!
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