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Elegant and Practical Storage: Armoires

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Pretty and Practical Storage

Armoires can serve as a practical yet beautiful addition for your storage needs. They can be a delight to own, as they provide flexible storage and can be used in a myriad of ways.

Armoires have long been utilized among the powerful nobles as wardrobes in palaces and castles. Originally used for storing weapons, armoires have now taken on new roles in modern homes. This multi-purpose storage space makes it a popular luxury furniture piece to own and can be placed within almost any room in the home.

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Convenient Out-of-Sight Storage

Some armoire enthusiasts opt to use them exclusively in bedrooms, but instead of using them as extended closet space, they may place a television set within the wide space on top, while putting cable boxes and TV accessories in the lower cabinets to create an entertainment system. The doors provide a convenient way to hide unsightly clutter when the television is not in use.

Others still prefer its traditional use for storing clothes, as the upper open area is ideal for hanging anything from blouses, shirts and jackets, while the lower portion can store socks or smaller items.  Again, the doors provide extra protection from dust and the elements, while any clutter is conveniently hidden behind closed doors.  Storing linens and thick winter blankets is also an option to consider, and is excellent for use as seasonal storage space.

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A Mark of Luxury

The Monterey Armoire as shown above, for example, creates an understated elegance that immediately draws the eyes to that corner of the room.  Armoires have been growing in popularity of late, especially for use in smaller spaces that lack inherent storage space.  With the variety of ways armoires can be used, and the potential to store just about anything neatly out of sight, these luxury pieces go a long way, and are ever a welcome addition into any home.

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