Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why Should I Hire An interior Designer?

We've written several times about the need to hire an interior designer. Perhaps the best reason is one offered in an article written by interior designer Jan Colvin in the Leavenworth Times. Why should I hire an interior designer "...with the offerings on HGTV, the Internet and the growing number of home furnishing magazines, (and don’t forget my articles)...?"

Jan writes, "I do agree that the amazing ideas and creativity acquired while watching your favorite HGTV program are magic in an hour. While watching TV, surfing the web and reading magazines, you can get great ideas for that new kitchen, the bathroom remodel and the color palette for a refresh of the family room. In addition to a full-on remodeling project, you can easily learn about trends and get some astonishing ideas for sprucing things up here and there to give a room a quick spirit lift. Tuck all those ideas into an “idea folder” to help you with that dream project when the time comes."

Jan states this telling point: "...a professional designer was most certainly involved with the design in everything you see in the media—and that designer is not going to come to your home!" Then Colvin shares with you:
  • When to hire an interior designer
  • Benefits of Working with an Interior Designer
  • How Interior Designers Work
  • How to Hire an Interior Designer
  • Risks and Rewards of Using a Designer

Excellent article!

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