Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ultimate Luxury: It’s in the Details

”Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.” - Leonardo da Vinci

When the word "luxury" comes to mind, one might envision large estates, perhaps lavish gardens with infinity pools.  A more comprehensive view of luxury, however, depends largely on what - and how - you imagine it to be.  It can mean comfort, just as much as decadence.  It can stir admiration, instill inspiration, or simply put a smile to your face. Who wouldn't want to have a luxurious home?

Creating a luxurious home doesn't necessarily require wealth or a world-renowned interior designer.  With the right design elements thoughtfully placed across a room, your home can feel just as decadent as a king's throne.  We have compiled a few suggestions to help get you started:

Gold-Leaf Accents

With furniture embellishments, a little can go a long way.  Gold-leaf, for example, is a thinly-pressed sheet of true gold which is used to decorate woodwork.  A table gilded with 18K gold-leaf along its trim creates just enough richness for a luxurious centerpiece within a living room:

18K gold-leaf punctuates this Salisbury Coffee Table for a decadent result.

Enchanting veneer inlay design hand-crafted by artisans enrich this Carneros Dining table.

Intricate Veneer Inlay

Another example of subtle luxury entails using veneer inlay designs embedded within wooden furniture. This creates an unforgettable and majestic touch, especially for a dining table. You and your dinner companions can feel like royalty with a table such as this Carneros Dining Table (above) dressed with an elegant Turkish veneer inlay design.

Marble-top Tables

Marble has been regarded for ages as a luxurious element in the home.  It has the reputation of durability, and is often sought after for its smooth, glossy appearance and sultry texture.  Place marble on just about anything and it instantly becomes a centerpiece.  Marble-top tables create an elegant statement combining the warmth of wood with the cool, sophistication of marble.

 The Hampton Coffee Table with Italian marble-top brings an understated luxury to a living room.

Where to Look for Luxury

With just these few suggestions, one can see that the term “luxury” doesn’t entail paying a hefty sum for an interior decorator to design a luxurious abode, or even owning an estate.  If you’re wondering where to start looking for luxury furniture, along with Savannah Collections, well-renowned brands Henredon and Marge Carson also carry a vast selection of world class furnishings that will sure to inspire your ideas.  Remember, luxury is what you make it to be, and considering just these few design elements when choosing high end furniture will go a long way in creating your dream home.  

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