Tuesday, August 16, 2005

12 Decorating Strategies

Earlier I posted about Gens X and Y. One group wanted to reduce stress and the other group wanted fun and fantasy. I came across an October, 2004 issue of Family Circle magazine while waiting in the dentist's office, with an article Rules of Arrangement, 12 Decorating Strategies. I thought it had some very good information that reminded me of some of the points being made in that article.

1. Count on color to dramatize a small area. A splash of vibrance can transform an entry from boring to beckoning.

2. Think outside the bedroom box. Instead of a bench at the foot of your bed, borrow a concept from the living room and offer a cozy little sitting area. Possibly a little shelter from the storm for a quiet moment to relax.

3. Set up your living room for conversation and comfort.

4. Hang favorite art in harmonious multiples. A series of your photos or prints changes any wall into a stunning mini-gallery.

5. Choose an anchor for a mantel and all else will fall into place. Decide on one major piece for the wall, then build out from that.

6. Show off cherished photos or your family and friends in a cohesive grouping. Pick the same frame material for most frames.

7. Create impact with big bold accessories in the same mood or color.

8. Mix and match pillows galore for easy add-in warmth.

9. Turn a bookcase into an attractive all-around hold-all. Mingling books with odds and ends produces a more casual and homey atmosphere.

3 no-fail ways to make a room bloom:

10. Keep flowers simple, identical flowers in same hue.

11. Say it with texture: assorted flowers in a single palette.

12. Have fun with one: same blossom but different sizes and shades.

The important thing is have fun. If you make a mistake with a color, it can be repainted without a lot of effort. For the big stuff like choosing a sofa or fabric come see us at Landfair Furniture. We have a whole list of top designers featured in our many interviews that can give you a hand.

Bev & Mike

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