Saturday, August 13, 2005

Judy Sturm, A Year in the Guest House

The special advertising section Ultimate Homes & Estates arrived today with the morning Oregonian and I was surprised to see an article A year in the guest house by Connie Potter. The article is about how
Judy Sturm created a little piece of Italy when she remodeled a 1950s-era clapboard house in the heart of Portland Heights


the house is a typical Sturm design, tailored and simple, with exquisite detail and richly appointed spaces throughout

The Sturms lived in the 786 square foot guest house for a year while construction was taking place.

I've known Judy of Judy Sturm Design Studio, since the days I was working at Designer's Resource, some 13 years ago. It's great to see you have done well and you look absolutely fabulous! Come in and catch up!

Bev & Mike

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