Thursday, August 18, 2005

Kathia Emery in Portland Monthly

Just received in the mail the September issue of Portland Monthly with an article Mayberry USA by Camela Raymond.
John Mayberry came home from work, looked at his living room and said to his wife Jennifer, "This just doesn't feel like home."


The 3,000 square-foot home's awkward floor plan had stymied the Mayberry' attempts to buy furniture. A few austere Craftsman pieces dotted the downstairs, leaving the living room to function as a glorified repository for children's toys. And the contractor-specified gray interior paint and beige living room carpet did not exactly radiate warmth.

Compounding these problems was the fact that the Mayberrys balked at making decorating decisions. "I've always liked cheerful colors and lots of patterns," Jennifer says, "but I don't have an eye for putting them together."


So they placed a call to interior designer Kathia Emery

The magazine has three pages of before and after pictures. The results are beautiful. Emery did a great job and in the article she discusses why she made the choices she did and how she solved the various problems.

Are the Mayberrys happy?

Jennifer recalls, "My girlfriend looked at the living room and said, Oh, it looks like something from Southern Living magazine."
Good job, Kathia!

Bev & Mike

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