Thursday, November 17, 2005

Allison Smith Interior Design

The Oregonian carries a very nice story, Personal Magic by Bridget A. Otto in the Homes & Gardens of the Northwest section. The article is about two local designers, mother and daughter, Alison Smith and Ramona Ramos of Alison Smith Interior Design whose idea is to help people decorate using what they already own.

A client, Judy Tichenor and her husband combined households with their younger daughter in a contemporary home. Tichenor had always lived in a traditional home with the various formal rooms.

The open floor plan was stressing her out.
She likes
that Smith takes the best of what you have and makes it look attractive.
Smith and Ramos get to know the client by seeing how they live, work and play.
During their initial consultation, which costs $150, they walk through the entire house even if the client is interested only in changing the family room. Many times, Smith says, they find a piece of furniture or artwork or an accent table from another room that's perfect for the room in question.

Other times, the house may be in sore need of interior paint, or perhaps the old couch needs to go. Sometimes they get in situations where there is just way too much stuff. The consultation allows Smith and Ramos to set priorities. Once the job is established -- their fee after the consultation is $100 per hour -- they like the client to "go away."

Another client, Tracy McCallister, says"
I had never thought about hiring a designer," says McAllister. But she wanted some help with her new home with its white walls and high ceilings.
Alison Smith Interior Design has built a niche business that appeals to those that already have furniture but know it could be presented better in their home.

Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery is probably not going to be a big factor with Alison Smith Interior Design, however we like the way they work and we like the fact that people can use interior designers in many ways. They can give you confidence in your choices or validate your judgement, but they are also trained to see things in new ways. In the case of Smith and Ramos, McAllister says

And the beauty of it is that it still looks like you. She didn't pick anything out. It's still your style.
Allison Smith is currently working on a project in Beijing, China, but you can reach Ramona Ramos at 503-827-5750

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