Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Vindalho & Nostrana

Two new restaurant reviews are up at An Exploration of Portland Food and Drink.

Vindalho is the first.

Vindalho was opened a few weeks ago by David Machado, owner of Café Lauro, at 2038 SE Clinton Street, Portland.
I can't wait to try
the pork vindalho over balsamic rice is probably the best thing on the menu, a good balance and depth of flavors. The pork was fork tender, though there tend to be a few dry pieces mixed among the rest. The sauce was sweet, tangy, and fragrant. I’ve had more intense and more complex versions, but the flavors were balanced. A pyramid of light and fluffy saffron basmati rice studded with raisins was served on the side.
Nostrana is the second.
Barely open a week, this is surely one of the most anticipated restaurants to come along in some time. Co-chef Cathy Whims was the chef/owner at the famed Genoa during its heyday. Other owners are Deb Accuardi (co-chef, also owner of Gino’s), her husband, Marc Accuardi, and David West, owner of Produce Row Café.

Located at 1401 SE Morrison, Portland, it can be a bit difficult to spot.

The menu of Nostrana looks very Italian!

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