Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Review of Siam Society

I have been trying to get Michael to a Thai restaurant. He says he would rather go to a good Chinese like PF Chang or Sungari Pearl. His real taste goes to Hung Far Low if you ask me. But now there's a chance. An Exploration of Portland Food and Drink has just reviewed Siam Society and gives it very good reviews. Food Dude starts the review with:
In my humble opinion, Thai food is some of the most difficult cuisine to make properly.
Next comes a primer on what makes good Thai food and Food Dude then launches into a review of Siam Society set in an old power station on 27th and Alberta.
The first thing you should know is they are located in an old power company substation. A square blockhouse that was a warren of little rooms filled with electrical equipment has been completely renovated, yet still keeps the industrial feel of its past. From the imposing square building with a sweeping staircase leading to the front doors, to the foot-thick concrete walls, there is no doubt this building has a serious industrial past. Many of the interior walls have been cut out, with large steel beams acting to replace their load-bearing capacity. The ceiling, rising some 20 feet, is studded with skylights. The old windows and doors are still in place on the otherwise, completely refinished outside shell. This is a seriously sturdy building, and if a huge earthquake was to hit Portland, I can think of no better place to be. One drawback – the concrete absorbs the cold and radiates it back. Wear a sweater during the cooler months.

And how does the restaurant rate?

We have a good thing going here: a nice building, attentive staff, excellent drinks… but it all comes down to the food, and for a restaurant only open a few weeks, in most cases Siam Society delivers. All the portions are large; it would be easy to make a meal out of an appetizer and a soup. Presentation on every dish is beautiful. Curries come to the table in the individual copper pots used to cook them: dramatic and they stay nice and hot. You just dip out the sauce as you need it.
An Exploration of Portland Food and Drink is a must read for the latest in new restaurants and restaurant reviews. Next stop for my husband and me is Siam Society.

Phone: 503-922-3675. 2703 NE Alberta, Portland

Bev & Mike

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