Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Nature-Inspired Style from High Point

From the special November High Point edition of Home Accents Today, High Point Finds Comfort with Nature-Inspired Style by Kara Cox. The fall design trends draw rejuvenating inspiration from the same natural elements that have spawned recent chaos this hurricane season. As retailers and manufacturers alike recover from the recent effects of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma, style trends sooth with natural elements and coastal influenced designs.

A soft mix of seascape hues such as sea green, sky blue and sandy beige create a simple palette for showcasing the treasures of the natural world. Wood is interpreted as a pattern in silky soft goods and cool silver-toned metal designs. Birds offer a feminine touch as scu;ptures and in hand-painted motifs on accent furniture. Wall decor showcases bird and egg designs featuring an antique quality interpreted in hand-colored prints.

For a more contemporary spin on the natural world, oversized palm prints highlight a modern take on tropical styling. Often shown on printed linen patterns in soft goods, natural materials combine content and concept. Palms are a popular wall decor subject in sepia tone and black and white photography while ferns also emerge as framed curiosities.

Coastal living moves inland as beach-themed collections appear across categories. The recent popularity of shell and bamboo is easily encompassed in the look while new designs are showcased with bleached wood,painted pastel finishes and nautical detailing. Linen remains a popular choice for soft goods and upholstery with rougher woven straw looks appearing as well. Navy reappears in the color scheme paired with bright teal, pale blue and crisp white. Also, gaining popularity are outdoor living collections from portable lamps to furniture offered from companies once restricted to indoor spaces. Southwestern styles carry the popular turquioise hues of last season with Native American inspired patterns and feather embellishments.

While nature dominates the style field this market, traditions continue with French-inspired designs casting a feminine glow with delicate candelabras, antique ivory paint finishes and cane-embellished furniture. Damask prints appear in larger-than-life motifs whether modernized in metallic ceramics or woven in luxe silk and velvet. Paisley pops up on the coattails of menswear-inspired looks as a classic pattern for upholstery and soft goods in rich, fall hues like red, brown and gold. Tabletop designs take on a free-form look as if hand molded.

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