Friday, March 24, 2006

Color Trends for 2006

Our last post was about color and our personality. Furniturestyle has an article about the use of color and trends for 2006.
Homes will evolve to become places where culture, fashion, technology and comfort converge, according to Cinzia Black, Director of Special Projects North America for The Mix-Global Color Research Ltd., a London-based trend forecasting firm.

Consumers’ color choices in 2006 will reflect this synergy, she continued. But while the world’s population explores the future of technology, people also will maintain a firm grip on their roots—an idea that easily translates into home decor.
Black says the top color palettes for 2006 are:
Origins: reflecting
a need to make contact with our roots...the color palette consists of earthy neutrals, such as sophisticated chocolate brown, ox blood and Mother of Pearl shimmer.
Dominated by pumpkin, russet and vegetable greens, this palette pays tribute to the intrinsic, productive life on the land.

The luminous range of blues, pastels and peachy cosmetic tones carry strong illusions to healthcare. It is a foundation for a gentler style of what has gone before.
Clarity: The need for human contact and the importance of natural light is demonstrated in the use
neutrals, steel grays and watery green-blues are presented in glossy, automotive finishes to mimic the translucent qualities of mirror and glass.
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