Sunday, March 26, 2006

R. Wagner Company

We meet some of the most interesting people at the dog park. Some time ago Mike met a woman with a Spinone and the dog's name was Romeo.

A Spinone is a working breed dog, pointer and retriever with hair instead of fur. Romeo has a particularly good disposition. Mike always thought the owner, Nani, sounded like his cousin Ginger when she spoke and wondered if she was from Idaho, where his cousin grew up. Turns out she grew up in Hawaii and has been in Portland for at least the last 20 years.

Today, Mike learned Nani and her husband operate R. Wagner Company.

R. Wagner Company has been providing specialty finish work for the interior design community in Portland, Oregon since 1979. The company is made up of owners Ron Wagner and Nani Waddoups and a core group of artisans, who with years of accumulated experience on varied custom projects, have accumulated a vast repertoire of skills Cand techniques that can be applied to new artistic challenges.

Designers have come to rely on R. Wagner Company’s expertise and design sensibilities to develop finishes for their own projects, both in the technical execution of the work as well as appropriate stylistic decisions. Builders and architects benefit from R. Wagner Company’s designs and services to incorporate details into new construction that set their projects apart from the next

When Mike came home and asked if I knew of R Wagner, I said sure we have been referring customers and clients to them for years. It is a classic place to go for:
Custom Cement & Plaster Fireplace Surrounds
Hand-built rustic “stone” surrounds
Cast “stone” contemporary surrounds

On-site Plaster Finish Work
Burnished Venetian Plaster
Hardcoat Integrated Colored Plaster
Rustic Textured Plaster

Specialty Cement Finishes
Colored Cement Veneer Finishes
Custom Cast Concrete Table Tops
Colored Cement Veneer Floors

Custom Furniture Fabrication & Finishing
Custom Iron & Wood Fabrication
Painted, Stained & Gilded Finishes
Hand-rubbed Finishes
Hand-painted chinoiserie

Custom On-Site Finishes
Specialty Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinetry Finishes
Specialty Painted Wall Treatments
Hand-cut stencil work
Hand-painted Borders & Murals
Gilded Ceilings

R. Wagner Company
2136 N. Flint Avenue
Portland, OR 97227
TELEPHONE: 503.224.7036

Bev & Mike
Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery
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