Saturday, March 04, 2006

Kimberlee Jaynes Uses Color

Yesterday, we posted here, about the article in Pure Contemporary written by Caroline Kooshoian entitled Choosing the Right Colors for Your Home and Yourself.
Today, we want to direct your attention to Kimberlee Jaynes web site. Jaynes is an interior designer and her site has some great examples of the use of color. She writes
Color is the first element the eye registers. Color is the least-expensive change a homeowner can make to enhance that all-important first impression.


I was raised to believe that style has nothing to do with money. I was taught that simplicity, color, perfect proportion and interesting textures gives even the humblest of environments a sense of harmony and style.

Kimberlee Jaynes has many examples of before and after photos. There are many examples of her work with clients and before and after home staging. This is one of her home staging examples and demonstrates how the use of color dramatically makes the home more desirable.

Take some time to browse her site. You may gasp at many of the "after" pictures.

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