Saturday, March 11, 2006

My Dog Park Friend - Kate Nason

Imagine my surprize when Oregon Home, in the March-April edition, ran a story about N.E. Broadway in [Shop Talk] and there is my friend Kate Nason from the dog park. Almost every day Ralph our Golden plays with Kate's dog, Jackson. If Jackson is not playing with his buddies, he's squeaking his squeaky toy.

Getting back to [Shop Talk], a number of stores from 29th and Broadway to 15th and Broadway, cater to the home. At 2419 NE Broadway is Chairwear, run by Kate Nason.
Meet The Queen of the Slipcover
Then again, her fiefdom encompasses so many other subjects as well: pillows, cushions and window coverings, to name a few.

The woman with the golden thimble is Kate Nason...whom we first met when we needed to commission three slipcovers for a puppy-sixed chair for a three-month old Aussie model to sit in during a Christmas gift guide shoot.

Three years ago, Nason opened a store front on this street, a studiolike space where she has "thousands" of fabric swatches-including a Portland exclusive on the hotter than hot Lulu DK line-and, of course, her trusty sewing machine, where you'll find her putting petal to the medal on most days.
Later, in the magazine, Nason is featured as a designer and problem solver, in "Mom, I think I've outgrown my room!"
The problem: Your daughter's a young lady, not a baby-but she's stuck in a nurserylike room.
(Sophie Shorten and her mom's) design plan came together when they met Kate Nason, an art historian by training who opened her own slipcovering business, Chairwear, and who's turning her talents to interior design. "We were across the street from Kate's shop...and saw this fabric in the window and Sophie just fell in love with it..."
"The big idea was to make the room fun-to updateit so that it really fit Sophie's personality, says Nason.
The next step was incorporating Sophie's beloved fabric into the design. Nason crafted 20 yards of "Discotheque Dot" and "Psychedelic" cotton into dozens of pillows. a duvet cover, curtains for the bed alcove and cushions for the built-in window seat. She also addedfun green fringe to the windowshades and lamp shades, and covered Sophie's large corkboard with bright green denim. "We chose colors that would tie the whole room together, and added things like storage bins to make it function well," says Nason.
"If you'd come in here before, you'd have thought it was a 2-year old's room, Sophie says. Now I love it!-especially the colors. They're really calming."
Kate Nason - Chairwear - (503)-335-8692

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