Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bridget A Otto: Sliding Into Loft Design

Bridgett A Otto has an interesting article about Gary Lee and Jack Messick founders of ConstructaVision and the use sliding barnlike doors in lofts to solve the problem of privacy for their clients.
Ann Laman of Soderberg Laman Designers came to them asking for a sliding barnlike door that would make a bedroom area private...


(Lee and Messick) found that making the sliders out of frosted glass allowed light to pass through without compromising privacy. By not using a floor track, they avoided any sign of a retracted door, save for the frame it hangs from.

SCREENPLAY: Sliding doors close off a bedroom from the living space in Ed Tonkin's loft in the Eliot Tower. The design of the door echoes the glass-and-metal design of the loft's expansive windows. Marv Bondarowicz THE OREGONIAN


The two men, both native Oregonians, seem half shocked by the demand for their sliding doors and how it has led them to develop other loft furnishings that emphasize efficient use of space.

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