Saturday, April 28, 2007

More About Feng Shui

Here's a follow-up to a post Feng Shui Made Simple:

Feng Shui Flow and Colors

There are basically nine different aspects each of which has specific colors and materials associated with it that the Chinese believed were important and influenced by your surroundings.

Those aspects included:
  • Prosperity which relies on the color purple and uses wood or water as its primary textures.
  • Reputation or how successful you are which has the color red and the elements of fire and wood.
  • Love and Relationships which is reflected by the color pink and has the earth and fire as elements.
  • Family which relies on the colors green, black, and blue and trusts only in the ever changing form of water.
  • Health which features shades of yellow, brown or orange and has both earth and fire at its heart.
  • Creativity and children or offspring tones of yellow and subtle earth tones are used here with the element of metal to add strength.
  • Knowledge and Skill colors of black and green with the earth to balance them.
  • Travel and Friendly assistance stark whites and blacks with materials of either metal or water are used here.
  • Career aspects of career use the colors blue and white and rely on the strength of metal to reinforce them.
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