Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bridget Otto Thursday on Saturday

On Bridget A Otto Thursday, our friend Julie DeJardin was featured in Otto's Going With The Flow.
David Hyser and Nancy Werner sought a lifestyle change and "engineered" a move to Portland from Chicago in 2004.
Their realtor was "horrified" at their choice of house to purchase due to its "issues":
There was no flow between the kitchen and the living/dining room. Homemade built-in shelving crowded the living area. Flooring changed from tile at the entry to carpet in the living/dining room to laminate in the kitchen. A dropped ceiling and poor use of space made the kitchen uninviting. Poor-quality window casings detracted from the windows in the living/dining room.
The couple interviewed a number of interior designers and found that Julie DeJardin fit them the best "because they felt confident she would listen to them."

Isn't that one of the most important things in working with people? Our clients want to know that we are listening and have empathy with them. That doesn't mean we give up control over the process, but we let them know how the solution we propose fits with their needs as they expressed them.
"This whole space now is contemporary and minimalist and engaging," says DeJardin. "It is now more simple and more beautiful."

Hyser and Werner agree.

"We're thrilled," Werner says.
And that's the goal of a good designer.

Julie DeJardin OWNER: DeJardin Design
SPECIALTY: Kitchens and baths
STYLE TOUCH: "I really work to personalize the space to the individual," DeJardin says.
CONTACT: 1500 S.W. Fifth Ave., Portland; 503-768-4540;

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