Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bridget Otto Thursday

Today Bridget Otto writes about Julie Kihlstrum and Stephen Francis who have a problem:
The family room off the kitchen has a row of windows that allow lots of natural light, a fireplace to warm the room and adequate wall space for a flat-screen TV.

...but it set up the perfect storm: competing focal points, awkward furniture placement and glare from the windows on the TV. The placement of the cable and the fireplace sticking out from the wall almost asked for little kids to bang their heads. There was no place to put toys away and limited ways to arrange furniture.
Enter interior designer Celeste LeDuke, who has a store in the southeast called Designing Women. Julie stopped in to talk and they immediately hit it off.

One of Julie's concerns: working with an interior designer would result in too much "frou-frou". This was her conclusion when it was all done:

Marv Bondarowicz / The Oregonian
After the makeover
"It's functional, but not too fussy," Kihlstrum says. "We watch TV with the kids and I love it. ... The built-ins are done so beautifully. The girls play and then put their things away. The ottoman has storage in it. ... And the swivel chairs? Love those. Absolutely just love it."
The designer: Celeste LeDuke
The firm: Designing Women
Contact: 503-232-9965 or

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