Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Two Doctors, Both Interior Designers!

Here's an amazing coincidence. Back in 2005, we interview Lisa Seung, as part of recognizing local designers for their business with Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery. (You can read that interview here.)
Here's a snippet of the interview:
LF+DG: We know you have a very interesting background. Please tell us about what you did before becoming an Interior Designer and your design credentials.
Lisa: People are usually a bit surprised when I tell them my background. I have a Ph.D in immunology and spent several years doing research.

LF+DG: In fact you and your husband share a common background.
Lisa: My husband is a radiation oncologist. He also has a Ph.D. We met doing research in the same lab in Chicago.

Today, I learned of Calvin Ashford Jr., the principal and design director of Gilmore-Ashford-Powers, who died at the age of 73 on June 24th.
After finishing high school early, he enrolled at Columbia University in New York City to study interior design, graduating at 18, his brother (Nickolas) said.

But Mr. Ashford, an African-American, found it difficult to find work as an interior designer, (Carol) Green, (a client and friend of Mr. Ashford for nearly 30 years) said, and opted to return to school to study microbiology.

After receiving a doctorate from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a professor there asked him to help his wife decorate their home, reawakening his love of interior design, his brother said.


Over his career, he did design work for Whitney Houston, Maya Angelou and such athletes as Sammy Sosa and Jalen Rose.

Isn't that amazing, two doctors and both end up as interior designers!

Bev & Mike
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