Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Attic Gallery Hosts Judith Cunningham

Mike has been attracted to Judith Cunningham's paintings ever since her saw her painting of this place, Dead Horse Point . He was traveling in Utah a number of years ago when he met some people in Moab, Utah who invited him on a picnic at the point. I don't know if he has been the same since. He wrote this poem about the experience:

Dead Horse Point, Utah

At Dead Horse Point, great canyons stretch before me.
The setting sun backlights the scudding clouds.
A gentle breeze, wafts Junipers and whispers
of the desert to the south. The shawl of evening cloaks
the sandstone boulders.
Under the stars of Orion a red fox yips in the dying light.
I traveled much of a lifetime to this place to see a sunset.

Judith Cunningham captured the light and his feelings for that place. Now she captures the loneliness and majesty of the high plains in Wasco County

Canyon Shadows

She will be at the Attic Gallery tonight, 206 SW First Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97204 beginning at 6:00 showing her latest creations and they will be on display tomorrow without her. She makes her home in Hood River.

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