Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Making Homes Elder Safe

My parents are getting older and are starting to have health problems. Mike's mom and dad are still alive and knock on wood are getting around just fine. As they age, we know they want to stay in their homes, but we want them to be safe and have help if they need it.

As we age we our needs change and many in the design community specialize in redesigning homes so they are more elder friendly.

I was reminded of this when I read of national company that conducts audits of homes that might belong to our parents. Home Instead Senior Care
...does a thorough safety inspection of each client’s home, reviewing more than 50 different items. Areas such as the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen often receive additional scrutiny, as these are usually areas where the client spends the most time.

Things like safety bars in the bathtub, or removing trip and fall hazards might be obvious, but other items to consider are adequate lighting, lifting recliners and an elevated toilet seat.
One of the most dangerous items is a simple throw-rug.

Home Instead Senior Care has an office in Portland at 4415 NE Sandy Blvd Suite 208. There are a whole variety of services they can provide as this list points out.

Another local organization that can provide some of the same services and education is one that Mike's dad has been involved with for years; that's Elders in Action. They are at 1411 SW Morrison St. Suite 290 Phone 503-235-5474.

UPDATE: Betty Jung, a broker at RE/MAX, wrote along similar lines in: Baby Boomers Aging in their Homes

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