Monday, October 13, 2008

Buy A Ceiling Fan To Save, Now!

Summer before last, we put a ceiling fan in our bedroom. We were tired of bringing up the AC for the window each summer for a few +90 degree days. When summer was over, we would have to empty the water buildup and haul the 50 pound unit back to the basement storage. The ceiling fan has worked great. It sends a nice breeze down and keeps us and the dog, cool and comfortable.

Now the fan not only has three speeds, but it can revolve clockwise or counter clockwise. I've tried it both ways and couldn't tell the difference. Well now after perusing Gregory’s Light Bulb, I know the difference. Gregory writes that now is the time to buy a ceiling fan - for the winter!

And getting a ceiling fan right now doesn’t mean that you have to put it away in the garage until next June - you can start using it right away and save on your heating bill! Simply adjust the fan motor to go counterclockwise and the fan will push rising heat from your thermostat down to where you are.

With fuel costs expected to rise over time, what a great thing to know: Counter clockwise in the winter; clockwise in the summer.

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