Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We need your feedback!

We need your feedback! Remember the conversation at Color Pulse 2010 about "authenticity"? Part of being authentic is Genesis: - Genesis is an extension of the RAW from 2009. It exposes "the parts" as they become "the sum" ...with its emphasis on honest materials and eco-inspired themes that feel like a call to action.

We came across this New York manufacturer, Platform Furniture, that makes these wonderful storage cabinets in one, two or three units in solid reclaimed fir or in solid walnut. This company's products certainly seems to fit in with what is coming in 2010, but here now. They also seem to fit in with The New Luxury. They are very unique. I can't recall seeing this quality for this price.

Storage China Cabinet 2 Units (Fir) 86 x 19 x 39 $8,500.00

Storage China Cabinet 3 Units (Walnut) 129 x 19 x 39 $14,000.00

Now here's where we need your feedback. Is this something you are demanding for your clients? How about the price point, will the price point work within your client's budget?

Email Bev & Mike at landfair3554@comcast.net with your thoughts.
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