Saturday, October 04, 2008

Color Pulse 2010

Wednesday, October 1, marked the return to Portland of Color Director Doty Horn of Benjamin Moore giving her fifth annual presentation on the future of color, in Color Pulse 2010.

Ms Horn and her team travel the world looking for the colors and designs that we will see in our fashions, our architecture, our automobiles, our furniture and homes. She always entertains with her comments and marvelous photos. In many cases her findings give us a look into our future politics and economics.

For 2010, the overarching theme is Authenticity. Authenticity is the new counter culture. It is "out of the box" thinking (in my words) that sheds new light on known materials and may combine the tactile with the technical. As an example:

Black Honey.MGX, designed by Arik Levy, made by Stereolithography, is inspired by the honeycomb.

Color Pulse 2010 translates Authenticity into 3 distinct influences:

Genesis: - Genesis is an extension of the RAW from 2009. It exposes "the parts" as they become "the sum." It seems more political with its emphasis on honest materials and eco-inspired themes that feel like a call to action.

Heatherwick Studio was commissioned to design a café building to replace a seafront kiosk in Littlehampton, a traditional seaside town on England's south coast. Exposed to weather and vandalism, the narrow site sits between the sea and a parade of houses.

The New Luxury: - Here it's authenticity combining with luxury. Think of remarkable one-offs; buildings, unique personal displays of wealth.

Ingenuity: - Ms Horn sees a move to "right brain" thinking, picking up on former Al Gore speech writer Daniel Pink’s book "Whole New Mind".
The era of "left brain" dominance, and the Information Age that it engendered, are giving way to a new world in which "right brain" qualities-inventiveness, empathy, meaning-predominate.
For 2010 colors, for that's what Color Pulse 2010 is all about, take a look at Lisa Radon's description of colors in her blog, The Design District, titled Finger on the Color Pulse: Trends 2010

What occurred to me is that for the third year in a row Gold Metallic is still one of the hot colors, leading me to believe that with the combination of authenticity and gold, you have a desire for the metal, for gold is money, and an escape from fiat currencies. Currencies that have no intrinsic worth. Color Pulse, in addition, describes a move from "money" green to an "acid" green.

I think we see this movement to the authentic in our politics. Americans will decide on November 4th, which set of candidates is the most honest and empathetic. This line of thinking is not outlandish. We've known for years that art reflects the culture and culture is reflected in our art and music and poetry.

Every year Benjamin Moore publishes a book on the findings with photos, narrative and color swatches. You can look at our copy in our showroom at 15th and NW Savier.

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