Monday, February 16, 2009

Would You Like to See Your Business Grow?

If you’re like many interior designers, you might be wondering where your clients have gone. We’d like to encourage you to attend the Interior Design Summit. There is still time to take advantage of the $50 early bird discount.
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Don’t miss out on hearing from David Bassett-Parkins - the founder of AvaLiving, the world’s premier website for interior design. David is going to show you how to easily get and do business in foreign countries! And can you imagine if you missed out on listening to Gail Doby, a successful ASID designer who has worked on multi-million dollar design projects? She is generously sharing the most profitable and effective ways to work with builders and contractors.
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- If you want more clients…
- If you are worried about the economy…
- If you need support and encouragement and real, effective, immediately useful strategies and advice for growing your design business, please do yourself a favor and invest in yourself.

For a small fee, you will get immense value. In fact, it’s guaranteed! For more info, go to the Interior Design Summit information page:

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Don’t miss this great opportunity - and take advantage of the early bird savings!
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