Saturday, February 07, 2009

Barbara Miller's Blog

Browsing through Twitter, I came across another local interior designer with a blog, Barbara Miller, @barbara_miller, Designing My Life. Some designers ask Mike and I, "Why should I have a blog?" Here's another great answer from Miller's blog:
As an interior designer you are given a great trust. You are granted access into your client’s private lives. You see the state of their closets and laundry room, you learn about their family dynamics and you hear about their bottom line budgets. As a professional you tread carefully through all of this and never speak of it outside their doors, which is exactly as it should be. You need this information to be able to help your clients achieve a home/design that meets their needs. You build a relationship and the quirky things about their lives become endearing to you.

If you are considering hiring a designer, isn’t turn about fair play? Shouldn’t you know something about the person you are bringing into your family life? I think so.
Great answer Barbara Miller!

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