Saturday, June 20, 2009

Plain English Design

Plain English Design has been added to our blogroll for the people in the UK. They make "bespoke" kitchen cabinets and are beautiful as can be seen on their website. I was curious about the word "bespoke" though.

I asked Julie DeJardin owner of DeJardin Kitchen & Bath Design about the word. She replied:
Hand crafted in my book means custom built, which is very common in cabinet construction as opposed to the "modular" or factory built cabinet boxes.

Their reference [bespoke] is rooted in the old traditional methods of european cabinetry, millwork or carpentry work. Craftsmenship at its finest.

As to what you thought: "all designed kitchens were made specifically for the space..." that again refers to custom built to fit the space; but think of going to IKEA, those cabinets are not designed to fit a specific space, you must utilize various sizes of cabinet boxes to fit the space sometimes requiring fillers.
Bespoke! It's a cool word. I think I will find some ways to use the word in a sentence to impress.

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