Saturday, June 27, 2009

Deckchairs Online

You know how it goes. The weather turns warm and you want to wear shorts and a cute top. You go to your local clothing store and the sizes are all picked over. They have your size but not the style or color that you need.

Outdoor furniture may have it a little better. You don't have much need for a outdoor table and chairs until BBQ season rolls around or its party time for family and friends on the deck. In many cases stores carry what you want until late summer. Then they put it away and bring out the Christmas decorations.

There's one company, for my friends in the UK, that specializes in deck chairs all year long. I liked the company so I didn't buy it, but decided to become an affiliate of Deckchairs Online. They sell traditional deckchairs, non-traditional deck chairs and modern deckchairs. All wooden deckchairs from the UK site are made from solid hardwood and high quality cotton so are extremely strong and very comfortable. In addition, the wooden deckchairs are made from hardwood from managed forests so are extremely environmentally friendly.

The deckchairs they sell are great for use at events and have been regularly used at The Glastonbury Festival, Stonehenge 2009 and recently the BBC used their deckchairs at the Strawberry Fair in Cambridge.

The newest hot product for Deckchairs Online is the Wideboy. These extra wide deck chairs are a perfect size for two people to sit on comfortably side by side or just for people who like to have extra space next to them for a few books or magazines so they are within easy reach.

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