Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is It Time For A New Sofa?

How's your sofa doing? Has it stopped being comfortable? Have you had it awhile and need a new look? Have your needs changed?
  • Your children are older and are easier on furniture
  • It's time to change the color of the walls and the old sofa won't fit with the new colors.
  • You've had an upholstered sofa for years, but now want to try a leather sofa, maybe in a soft glove leather or bold in a bright red leather sofa.
These are all good reasons for thinking about purchasing a new sofa. It can be a major expenditure, so let's look at some things to consider before the new purchase.

What room will it be in and will it be in the same position as the one it's replacing? A sofa that won't get a lot of use doesn't have to be as sturdy as one in a den or media room.

What will its function be? Does it need to be a sleeper sofa or a sofa with a recliner. Do you have pets? Pets can determine whether you go tight or woven fabric or leather.

What size sofa do you need? Will someone be taking a nap on it? How about depth of the seating area? A shorter person may want less depth so their feet hit the floor. How many people do you want to seat on the sofa?

Do you want a high backed sofa or low, soft cushioned seat or firm?

Now we get to style. Sofas come in very traditional styles, transitional and contemporary. What's the style of your home or decor? Is your new sofa going to match your color scheme and blend in or is the design or color going to be the focus? Should the sofa be dressy or casual?

The colors available in furniture these days have only been surpassed by the choice of patterns but also by the choice of styles. In most good furniture stores you will find the traditional sofa in all shades of brown and beige; if it is patterned, the pattern will be subtle – maybe even just embossed onto the fabric. Alongside this, you will also find the ‘state of the art’ contemporary designs, anything from scarlet red tartan, to almost fluorescent pink floral patterns. The styles will range from old-fashioned Chesterfield to innovative minimalist leather and chrome – these days anything goes.

These are all important considerations. That's why you need to spend some time on your research and sit on a variety of sofas to make sure it feels comfortable. We want you happy with your purchase for years and years.

Bev & Mike
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