Friday, January 22, 2010

TV Lifts

We've always liked furniture that could serve multiple purposes, like the coffee table that converts to a dining room table. Call it multi-tasking, it works great in a small condo.

Another piece of furniture that can serve several functions is the TV cabinet. We have them in our dens, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. Yet when we are not watching them, they are just dust collectors. Now, your television can “disappear” when not in use, and in its place, an exquisite, hand-crafted armoire, console or buffet can appear!

How is this possible?

State-of-the-art TV lifts allow you to have your television “pop-up” out of a custom-designed piece of furniture because of innovative technology including silent remote control devices and infrared relays. When not in use, your TV is neatly and discreetly tucked away within a beautiful cabinet or console which can then be used as a serving table, desk, or even a book shelf! Talk about multitasking!

ImportAdvantage offers a number of TV Cabinets with the lift built in or they offer the mechanism that can be added to a cabinet that you convert or have custom made.

Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery offers a number of great looking cabinets for the new TV to sit atop, but until now had no advice for those looking to conceal the TV. Now we can.

Bev & Mike
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