Friday, January 15, 2010


Pretend today is Thursday and what happens on Thursdays? Why, Bridget A. Otto Thursday happens! It's been awhile for this feature, but I had to make sure you read about her feature story in Homes & Gardens, "Designers rearrange old stuff for a fresh look."

At a fundraising auction for Alliance Fran├žaise de Portland, Seshu Vaddey and Marcelle Caturia bid on and won the services of interior designer Nicole Rivlin.
Caturia thought Rivlin could help them get their living and dining space organized and styled in a direction that she and Vaddey could follow and work on over time.
After meeting with the couple, Rivlin thought the project would be ideal for her recently formed partnership called RedesignWorks, formed with fellow interior designers Nancy Zieg, Kathia Emery and Shirley Roggen.

The aim of RedesignWorks is to help homeowners restyle with what they already own. For us that means no new furniture, however the couple has a home that works better for them thanks to the use of interior designers.

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