Sunday, January 24, 2010

So You Want A Home Bar

We receive many emails each day and many lead to posts on our many blogs. This week I received an email from the Food Service Warehouse (FSW). It's all about Restaurant Supplies and Equipment. I didn't find any connection with equipment supplies and our readers until I spotted a series of articles "Stocking Your Home Bar, Part 1: Basic Tips for Home Bar Design."

Many people like to entertain in their homes and having a home bar where everything is centrally located rather than the kitchen, like we use, for mixing drinks is more efficient. The article suggests you think about the following basics before getting started adding a bar to your design or redo of an existing home.
  1. Dream up the details - Your home d├ęcor, entertaining style and personal tastes are all important when it comes to design.
  2. Assess you budget - align your dreams with the money you are willing to spend.
  3. Choose the location - Many people used to build the home bars in the basement where there was room to dance. Not so much anymore! Still you need to plan around the plumbing.
  4. Think about the size and shape - Many people customize their home bars to fit whatever space is available. Keep in mind the heights you need for bar tops and standard bar stools.
  5. Consider hiring a contractor (and I would suggest hiring an interior designer. The job is much like the expertise one would need to design a kitchen.)
Part 2 covers Essential Supplies for the Beer Lover
Part 3 covers Essential Supplies for the Wine Lover
Part 4 covers Essential Supplies for the Cocktail Lover

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