Sunday, May 02, 2010

The "Bohemian" Sofa, Is It Back?

I was fascinated by the use of the word bohemian is describing this sofa designed by Castello Lagravinese:

Traditionally, bohemian style includes lots of nonconformist attitudes. Beyond clothing, bohemianism also involves anti-establishment action; critical, deep thinking; individualism; and above all, an interest in art, whether it be music, visual arts, dance, literature, or pottery. Traditional bohemians are normally impoverished, or at least without much money. For this reason, they have often been called "starving artists."

Has an old style been revived because of the economy? Are we becoming weary of the clean, striped-down look? Is it chic to afford the hottest trend even though it's associated with starving artists? All questions you can help answer with your comments.

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