Saturday, May 01, 2010

Guardino Gallery Inspires Me

Judging by my Google alerts, there's a lot of interest in Wall Decor. Good designers speak of adding texture to their design and that can include fabric texture, distressed furniture and recycled wood, ceramics and metal wall art. Timothy S. Herbst wrote recently, beautiful, bright and bold metal wall decor can "induce a feeling and meaning in the viewer without the use of concrete form."

One of the places in Portland that inspires me is the Guardino Gallery on Alberta at about 29th. In January Yoshi Aoki exhibited his work which "incorporates steel, hardwood, rocks and ceramic. Using wire lines and mixed media objects, he captures the balance between the movement and stillness of forms."

Several Guardino Gallery ceramic pieces lift my mood:

Ingrid Hendrix
creates ceramic sculptures with a combination of human and animal elements. She uses the female figure along with religious, mythical, and animal imagery to explore female stereotypes and to reveal those complexities.

Lisa Kaser
creates imaginative mixed media sculptures with narrative as her focus.

Valenzuela’s ceramic work consists of quirky pieces that reflect upon a variety of issues with a thoughtful, yet humorous tone. Much of her imagery is pulled from sources around the 1950’s era.

Sara Swink works in clay, making human and animal forms with a psychological stance. This body of work, “Empowered Objects”, addresses the human tendency to imbue objects with symbolic meaning and magical power.

I'm going over there this afternoon to see what's new. Maybe, I'll see you there.

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