Sunday, May 30, 2010

6 easy-to-follow tips on how to turn your bargain beach rental into a fresh retreat

Everybody may be cutting back and one way is to rent the little beach bungalow instead of vacationing at the fancy beach resort. But, there are drawbacks! In this fresh look, Interior Designer Susan Corson offers 6 easy-to-follow tips on how to turn your bargain beach rental into a fresh retreat. She says:
Simple is beautiful and just a little smart planning can really help bridge the luxury gap.
First: Expect a moist environment.

Everything from pillows to sofas may have that way-too beachy feel. The solution: bring a bunch of coverlets . These are light-weight, cotton bed covers that make wonderful slipcovers for sofas, chairs, etc. The best part is, they’re clean & fresh and can be washed if needed. Buy white or chambrey – it goes with everything.

Second: Don’t be afraid to remove the moist stuff.

Roll up offending area rugs and stash in the closet. Much easier to sweep up the sand without them anyway.

Third: Nothing makes a place cozier than candles & flowers.

Bring a bunch of CHUNKY pillar candles and a few of those vases that have piled up from flower deliveries. The wild flowers you gather or the cut flowers you buy yourself will be perfectly at home.

Fourth: Kitchen not gourmet?

Maybe you’re not going to pack your pots and pans but definitely bring some knives. Your chopping chef’s knife and a sharpie for those summer tomatoes. Find the big salad bowl and FILL IT with fruits and veggies from the farm. And don’t forget to buy BUNCHES of their local wildflowers (Remember the empty vases you're bringing along.) Plentiful displays have visual power so overdo it.

Fifth: Making a luxurious bed means bringing your own sheets AND pillows.

What’s worse than sticky, scratchy poly sheets and a rubbery pillow? Two words: WHITE COTTON. And of course some of those flowers & candles.

Sixth: After a day at the beach what’s more delicious than a hot outdoor shower and a soft absorbent bath towel? Either bring your towels from home or grab a few from Target. White is always the softest since it has no dye and it has that spa-like feel. Loofahs, scented soaps and essential oil body scrubs keep skin pampered and a rich body lotion is the finishing touch.

Now your temporary beach home feels and smells good.

Susan Corson Designs, founded in 1986, is a national interior design firm recognized for elegant simplicity.

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