Friday, May 07, 2010

Color Trends For 2011

Stacy Straczynski at Contract wrote about April 27th Coverings 2010 called "Color Trends: The Catalysts that Create Change" presented by Pantone Color Institute’s “international color guru,” Leatrice Eiseman. Eiseman spoke about color trends for 2011:
* Excessive glitz will be downplayed by warmer colors and texture surfaces. People are looking to do away with “cold” design and looking for a touch of humanity in their interior environments, styles, and designs.
* Anything that lends itself to “movement,” via optical illusions, light interplay, etc., is in.
* Quality and value are going up in popularity. People want style first and foremost, but they want quality, as well. This quality also applies to color. With technological advances and HD resolutions, color is taking the forefront in movies (such as Avatar and Alice in Wonderland), which is changing how people view their own sense of style. The mentality is now, “If I see it in a textile, or the movies, or here or there, why can’t that be translated to the floor, or the wall, or adapted to all areas?”
* The main colors will be periwinkle blues, warm earth tones, blacks and whites that allow accent colors to pop, vibrant/rich reds, as well as the continuation of deeply “alive” purples. Additionally, anything with metallic sheens that add light and movement to a space will be popular.
After I read that last bullet point, I came across these new products for kitchen and bath in black at 3 Rings.!

The black-as-pitch Sink for Altro-Supergrif was developed as part of Ora-Ito's “black series”

Vero—one of Duravit’s most popular bathroom lines of all time—is getting a modern twist with the addition of a bold, high-gloss black.

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