Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do You Consult Your Neighbors Before Painting Your House?

STIR, the regular Sherwin-Williams magazine has an article about a homeowners in Piedmont, California who painted their house brilliant shades of orange with violet and fuchsia accents.  The article asks of choosing paint colors for a house, in a community that doesn't regulate colors:
Where do the rights of private property owners end and those of the neighborhood begin?
Recently we changed the color of our house from a pale yellow with white trim to something reminiscent of our travels to Mexico. As in Piedmont, in our Portland, Oregon neighborhood "you’d be hard-pressed to find hues more vibrant than grays, blues and earth tones." 

We chose Marigold for the main color and gray for the trim.  The trim looks great with the roof.  Mike said the color initially reminded him of the yellow line on the highway. Amazingly, most of the neighbors love the color.  Only our parents wouldn't have chosen such a bold yellow. Mom almost drove up on the curve when she saw our house for the first time.

We felt no obligation to check with our neighbors before painting.  I would think they are happy that we keep our house looking good. We love it the color.  When we're standing in the brick-red colored kitchen looking outside, we see the Marigold and it does remind us of Mazatlan in Mexico.

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