Sunday, October 03, 2010

Head Off Furniture Buyer's Remorse

Right after you buy a new car, you start noticing how many other people drive a car just like the one you bought. That awareness is a way you avoid buyer's remorse. You think to yourself it must be a good car. Look at how many people made the same decision. How do you avoid buyer's remorse when you buy furniture? Mary Madden who owns Madden-McFarland in Kansas City has some ideas in "Head off furniture buyer's remorse."

  1. Establish your budget and priorities. The sofa or chair may be your most important piece of furniture in a room (and the most costly) so buy quality, the best you can afford.  We certainly agree.  We sell a lot of high quality sofas and chairs, upholstered and leather. Madden writes:

    Good-quality furniture will be more comfortable, look better, feel better and last longer. In the case of your sofa, buy one with solid hardwood frames. The cushions, whether you desire the softness of down or the firmness of a solid foam core, should be well-constructed.
    One way you stretch your budget is by buying better quality for rooms that get the most use.
  2. Decide between reupholstering and purchasing.

    Before reupholstering, consider the item’s condition and value. If it is in excellent condition other than a worn, stained or dated fabric cover, reupholstering may be a good option, especially if you’ve spotted a fabric that would be perfect with your decor.
    At Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery you can come in and compare prices of new versus reuphostering.
  3. Shop carefully.

    The three most important things to remember: scale, scale and scale! Consider the height, width and depth as they relate to both the size of the room and the size of the people using the piece.
    Remember, to sit on various pieces of furniture. There are many cushion types and it must be comfortable. Also be sure that the seat depth and the distance off the floor is right for you.
  4. Consider how you live. Is the furniture to be used in a formal or comfortable setting?  You certainly wouldn't want to use a formal chair for reading a good book.
  5. Don’t settle."Not satisfied with the finish or size you see in a furniture showroom? Just say so." Almost everything is customizable.  The piece you order can be made so you will never see another like it.
  6. Consider An Interior Designer. An interor designer can help you with buyer's remorse by saving you time and money.
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