Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lawn Care Services

Some times we're just humbled by the industriousness of writers.  Lawn Care Services has recently posted an helpful article listing 40 Essential Books on Home Lighting.  Did you know there were so many books on the subject?  There are such titles as:
  • The art of outdoor lighting: landscapes with the beauty of lighting by Randall Whitehead
This book also serves as directory for lighting and landscape designers as well as a basic guide for several exterior lighting design concepts. 
  • Interior lighting for designers by Gary Gordon
Learn to amplify the artistic impact of your house through this book. The reader will be introduced to lighting jargon, perception and general design strategies.
  • Lighting Style by Kevin McCloud
In this book, lighting and furniture businessman Kevin McCloud has provided readers with an outstanding and complete guide to implementing various home lighting solutions.
 Lawn Care Services has other articles that caught our eye:
We love it!  They are giving away information that would take us hours to research.

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