Sunday, October 24, 2010

Turn Your Passion into a Career

There's a new website for individuals interested in a career as an interior designer. It's Find Your Art
Interest in interior design schools is always consistently high, perhaps because interior design is such a vibrant, creative profession. Interior designers are in demand for their skills at creating inviting, livable interior spaces, utilizing their knowledge of texture, color, composition, design, lighting, health and safety. These are all topics taught at interior design schools and are not generally easy to learn on one’s own.
This is a great time to become an interior designer.  Times have been tough and many designers have quit or retired.  However, tough times don't last.  Furniture wears out, trends change and we all have less time to make design decisions.  We want an expert to do the hard work that will save us money, interpret our needs and give us a comfortable and safe nest for our home.

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