Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In April, Henry Link Trading Co. From Lexington

Lexington Home Brands will undertake what it says is the biggest product introduction in its 77-year history at the April High Point Market with a new brand called Henry Link Trading Co.

The brand will include 180-plus SKUs of bedroom, dining room, accent furniture and upholstery, all within the range of existing Lexington price points.

While the forms of the Henry Link items will be traditional in nature, they'll offer eclectic designs the company says will create excitement in the marketplace and will attract a wide audience, including designers.

The collection also aims to reflect the way consumers are buying furniture today, which is more as individual pieces versus entire suites, said Phil Haney, Lexington president and CEO.

In development for 18 months, the collection also aims to capture the excitement of global travel. The Henry Link Trading Co. logo, a giraffe walking through tall grass, sets the stage for this theme.

The pieces, to be sourced in the Philippines, expand on the global theme with a mix of materials that includes bamboo, rattan, embossed leather, hair over hide, penshell and marble. Finishes also tend to reflect the exotic, with colors such as gloss piano black, rubbed mahogany and gold and silver leaf.

"Over the last several years, sophisticated consumers have become increasingly more eclectic in their tastes, placing greater value on items that feature innovative design and exotic materials," Haney said in a statement. "They are often furnishing their homes with a few pieces at a time rather than all at once, looking for standout pieces that make a personal statement rather than matched suites.

"There is an aspirational element to the trend as well. Henry Link Trading Co. is designed to address the needs of that consumer. While many of them find that time constraints limit their ability to travel the world, they still aspire to invest in signature pieces that showcase the taste and savvy of someone who does."
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